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Golf Tips

Golfers have had an ongoing debate for years, “Which is the most important club in the bag?” The putter usually wins out in the discussion simply because more strokes are attempted with the putter throughout the course of an eighteen hole round than the driver. However, those that favor the driver in the discussion do have a compelling point – if you are able to get off the tee box long and accurately, it makes it all the more possible to shoot a low score on a given hole.

When setting up to hit the driver, the feet should be slightly wider apart than normal. They should actually be outside of the tips of your shoulders. Also, in the setup for a normal golf swing, the back foot is set perpendicular to the swing line. When hitting the driver, because the feet are wider, you may want to turn the back to outward slightly, to take some of the stress off the back knee.

From this point, the back swing should be similar to any other club. Don’t be tempted to take the club back faster just because you want to hit the ball far. Increasing the tempo of your back swing can throw of many other elements of the golf swing. Club head speed should be generated on the downswing.

It is also important to stay “on” or “over the ball when you take back the club on your back swing. Do not allow your hips to slide backwards with the club. The hips should turn, not slide, and that front foot should stay on the ground during the back swing.

The club should be taken back straight and away at to cause a wide arc, but you must stay over the ball. The weight should be shifted to the back foot without sliding the body. It cannot be said enough, “turn the hips, don’t slide them”.

The setup and back swing are really the only elements that should be changed between using the driver and other shots. There are slight differences that will occur throughout the swing based on a wider stance, driver length and a heavier club head – shoulders turn further, chin tucks into chin deeper, down swing is faster – but these are naturally occurring events, and the golfer should not give thought to giving assistance for any of them. The only caveat to that statement would be to make sure that your arms and shoulders are working in conjunction, and that one is not getting ahead of the other.

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How To Manage A Golf Course And Live Your Dream

There are many golfers who dream of being able to manage a golf course. With the proper knowledge and training, this is something that is much more of a reality than many golfers know. With more schools and training programs popping up all over the place, gaining the knowledge that will allow you to manage a golf course is something that can be done with relatively little effort and a monetary commitment.

Ask any golf course owner or manager and they will likely reveal that owning one of these courses is a whole lot of work and it is not for the weak and weary. For starters, a general knowledge of the game of golf and the art of business is a must. Beyond that, there are some specifics that will enable you to successfully manage a golf course. A golf course is unlike a lot of businesses in that it is a living, growing, and breathing business entity. Not only must the course look great and remain in good condition, golf course managers must realize that their product is equally dependent on good management and skilled business practice. Every stone must be turned and each blade of grass must be taken into account with intense commitment to detail. The competition is stiff these days, with each golf course looking more lavish than the next.

If you want to manage a golf course, a basic knowledge of business practices is something that will go a long way. The best way to gain this knowledge is through actual experience, but general business management classes will certainly be a boon to your quest to successfully manage a golf course. There, one can learn the basics of motivating employees, handling business goals or visions, and keeping with regularly accepted business hiring practices. There are many topics which you will need to master before you can even consider the golf side of things. Businesses must deal with the everyday headaches of taxes, public relations, and day-to-day operations. Without these basic skills of business, your quest to manage a golf course will be lacking a crucial foundation.

Golf courses are not cheap and they are certainly not the easiest in the world to obtain. If you are serious about managing your own golf course, you must come up with a business plan in which you will outline the financing options necessary for acquiring the property. The original business plan should include all of the costs that you may incur when you first choose to manage a golf course. Included in these are the costs of course upkeep, the rent on the property, taxes, and other assorted costs. This part of the pre-planning portion of your project could possibly be described as the most important aspect. By having a clear and decisive plan of action in your financial realm, managers can provide prospective lenders with proof that they have the capability of managing a golf course. Without this, the golf course may never get off of the ground.

When the finances are taken care of, it is on to the management of the golf course itself. Many owners and managers choose to hire corporations that will assist with the golf course management, but that takes all of the fun out of it. If you feel you have enough knowledge and expertise to manage a golf course, then by all means, mold your possession to fit your liking. If the finances begin to head south in the early going, hiring an experienced professional consultant is never a bad idea.

Owning and managing your own golf course is really not as unrealistic as it may seem. With the proper preparation and planning, you can be on your way to managing a golf course. If operated correctly, this venture could turn into a personal paradise where money, leisure, and self-actualization meet.

PurePoint Golf Training Aid for Hitting your Driver and Golf Tips for Driving Better

Copyright 2006 David Nevogt

Do you struggle hitting your driver? Some of you tee the golf ball low, thinking that you will be able to drive the golf ball through the air at a different trajectory. And those of you that tee it high think that that will make it soar through the air.

You thought that when you went out and purchased that 8- degree titanium boron shaft with a super-duper new grip, that it was going to drive down the middle of every fairway. Or maybe you purchased the newest golf training aid and you think you�ll be more consistent overnight. I don�t think so.

Now here are the golf tips for driving better. The lower you tee a golf ball, the more your chance will be that you slice the ball to the right. The higher you tee the golf ball, the more your chance will be for you to hook the golf ball to the left.

If you’re hooking the golf ball, tee it down a little lower. If you’re slicing the golf ball, tee it up a little higher. And here�s why.

When the golf ball sits on the ground and it�s a little lower than it should be, the golf club has to come in on a steep angle and that will cause it to slice. On the other hand, if you tee it up a little higher, it will come in and enable the club face to close a little quicker.

Now, here�s the golf training aid on what to do on the first few holes.

My driver has 8 degrees of loft. That means the face is very flat. If I happen to have the club face a little too open or a little too closed at impact, the flight of the ball will either go to the far right or to the far left.

Therefore, I decided to use my great little 3 wood, and no matter what I do, I might miss it, but it won�t curve as much as if I used my driver.

So, I hit the golf ball with my 3 wood and guess what. It went into the rough, but not as far into the rough because I went with a more lofted golf club for the first few holes.

So, the next time you go play, remember this golf training aid for hitting your driver. You don�t have to pull the driver out every time you get on the tee box. Maybe you don�t use your driver for the first two or three holes until you get a little warmed up, but in the meantime, take your favorite lofted wood and give it a whack.

College Scholarship Just For Playing Golf

If you are a golf whiz and would like to attend a post secondary education institution then you should most definately at least take a look around and see if any colleges or universities offer scholarships for students. Academic achievers are always on the lookout for scholarships, but often aren’t very physically built. Golf is a game that anyone can play regardless of their physical fitness – it’s more about coordination and smooth movements than endurance.

1. Get Recognized For Your Achievements

Finding a college that recognizes golf as an academic sport and offers scholarships for it can be difficult. Most high schools do not offer golf as part of their physical education regimen, for example. Some areas of the world like Scotland and England have more golf scholarships because it is a more recognized sport. The same is true for Italy and soccer (or football as it’s called there) or Canada and hockey.

2. College Golf Scholarships

If you are lucky enough to get a golf scholarship, you can immediately enjoy many benefits. If you are seriously looking at a professional career as a golfer, like Tiger Woods, then being on a golf team and having been awarded a scholarship is a great way to distinguish yourself from other students. Prospective coaches out there will be looking for students just like you to help them enhance thier game. They are looking for enthusiasm as well as natural abilty.

3. Who Qualifies?

There’s more to getting a golf scholarship than simply being good at playing golf. You will need to be a student that has demonstrated their academic as well as athletic ability – be able to show that you have maintained excellent grades. You might also want to show that you can not afford to play the sport and attend school at the same time – but show that you could pay for one or the other. This shows that you have the sincere desire both to learn and excel on the field simultaneously.

Etiquette For Golf Player

Let us see some etiquette a golf player has to observe while playing. Safety is primary responsibility of a player. Before making a stroke or practice swing, he has to ensure that there is no one near him or in the course of the ball.

A player who has an honor plays first, before his competitor. When a player is addressing the ball, no one should stand close to the player or in the path of the ball or near the hole. As also, no one should move or talk when the player is making a stroke. There should not be any undue delay in making a stroke.

In case a ball is lost and the player is searching for the ball, he should signal to the other players following and allow them to pass. He should not play until all the players have passed him. Once play in one hole is complete, the player should leave the putting green immediately.

In a golf course if there are more than one tournament being played, a single player should give way to the tournament. A match playing full round will get priority over any shorter matches being played.

After playing in a bunker, the player should carefully fill up any holes or footprints made while playing there. In case any turf is displaced while playing on the green, he should immediately replace it and press it firmly. As also, any damage made by the ball must be repaired. Players or caddies should make sure no damage is caused to the green or the hole while putting the bag or the flag stick. They should also be careful that they do not damage the hole or the green when pick up the ball from the hole or replace the flagstick. The flagstick should be properly replaced in the whole before the player leaves the putting green.

If golf carts are, used rules pertaining to that should be strictly followed. When a player is practicing swing, he should ensure that the tee is not damaged.

Let us see some of the definitions in the game. When once a player has taken stance and grounded the club that means he has �addressed the ball�. If the ball moves due the wind or any other reason even without the player not hitting the ball, will result the player getting a penalty. In the green, a ball is addressed when the player takes stance and grounds the club, as otherwise in hazards the ball is addressed once the player takes stance.

When a player is taking suggestions on the choice of club to be used or the stroke to be offered will be considered as an� advice�. On the other hand, if the player is checking about the position of the flagstick or the hazards or any rules of the game will not be deemed as advice.

Once the player has offered a stroke, on the tee, the ball is �in play�. It is in play until it is holed out, or lost or has been hit out of bounds or lifted or has been replaced with another ball.

The person who carries or handles the players clubs is called a �caddie�. One or more players use one caddie; but he is considered to be employed by the player whose ball is involved in play. A �forecaddie� is an outside agency, employed by the tournament committee. His role is to indicate the position of the ball to the players.

Each of these terms and definitions are linked with rules of the games also.

Four Good Reasons To Take Up Golf As A Sport

The Exercise

Golfing is one of the best exercises that you can do. I taught this fellow about ten years ago how to play golf. He had bypass surgery done on his heart, and his doctor told him to walk for exercise. So he asked me to teach him how to golf. He was a retired carpenter. Think about it for a second. There is 1760 yards in a mile. The average golf course is anywhere from 5000 yards to 6500 yards on some of the bigger courses, depending on which tee box you are playing from. They say the shortest distance between two points is in a straight line. Can you imagine the amount of walking you can do on any given course, if you�re not a straight hitter? Some golf courses make you take a golf cart because of the steep terrain. Golfing can keep you�re heart pumping at a good pace depending on the golf terrain. So if you have not walked a country mile. Take up golf and you will have you�re fair share of walking a country mile.

The Challenge

A lot of people would ask the same question over and over again, and probably still do today. Why would anybody want to chase a little golf ball around? I use to think and ask myself the same question until that very first liftoff from a fairway lie. Oh yes! It is a great feeling when you finally lift it off the fairway and watch the ball fly towards the green and watch it land and roll towards the flagstick, especially if you are a long distance from the green and hitting the green in regulation. The feeling of success is amazing and the challenge to do it again brings you back time and time again. Once you catch that feeling, the challenge to come back and repeat the same golf shot makes you a better golfer in the long run. The challenge you have now sticks with you the more you play. The frustration of not being able to do it over and over again, and then finally once again there goes that beautiful golf shot again, makes you come back for more. Golfing has more than one challenge. The challenge within yourself to play better golf, and the challenge to play better than you�re competitor. A lot of times the challenge to beat your own game can be a real uphill battle. Go ahead and try the challenge.

The Scenery

Golf courses truly have some of the best breathtaking scenery, depending on where you reside. A lot of the golf courses have rolling fairways and trees of all colors that stretch out on both sides of the fairway, creeks that split fairways in half. Lot of golf courses have greens that are surrounded by huge trees, rock formations, and rolling mounds, and many other natural beauties. Most golf courses surround their greens with water and sand traps. The tee boxes on some courses are perched up on a hillside overlooking a valley, or body of water. Flowers and plants, and or more trees surround a lot of tee boxes. Sometimes the tee boxes and greens are in the wilderness, and or near cliffs. There is a lot of great scenery on golf courses that will want you to say. This is amazing scenery!

The Peace and Tranquility

The best part of golf is the relaxation you get out it, depending on how you�re game is going of course. Just imagine yourself nestled on a tee box first thing in the morning, and all you hear is the chirping of the birds and the sound of the trees blowing around you. Another good feeling is standing in the middle of the fairway with the sun beating down on you with a cool misty breeze coming from a nearby body of water. I like the late afternoon just before the sun goes down and the trees are swaying a bit more. Sometimes all you hear is a plane going by overhead and the crack of another golf ball going off a tee box. A lot of the golf courses take you away from the clubhouse and land you out in the country, and or fairly wooded areas where the peace and tranquility of mother nature truly makes you sit up and take hold of it�s natural beauty it has to offer.

What Are Long Drive Golf Exercises

Long drive golf exercises can add up to 30 yards to your drives in a very short amount of time. It�s quite obvious to hit long golf drives you need to have power. Power is the equivalent of both strength and flexibility specific to your golf swing.

The key to implementing long drive golf exercises is to look at the main movement in your golf swing.

What is it?

Is it a lateral movement (side-to-side)? Is it a vertical movement (up and down)? I�ll stop the �twenty questions� and cut to the chase.

It�s a ROTATIONAL movement!

Golf is rotational! You make a backswing (rotate). And you make a downswing (rotate).

If this is the case�what strength and flexibility exercises should be done to maximize your long drives?

You guessed it � ROTATIONAL exercises!

You don�t need to go to a gym and sweat for 2 hours a day. You don�t even need to spend much on equipment. All you need is you, a couple of pieces of affordable golf exercise equipment and a little creativity.

There are dozens and dozens of rotational strength and flexibility exercises you can do right in your home or office that will reap HUGE dividends on the course. In my 350 page Ultimate Golf Fitness Manual, I have pages and pages of these strength and stretching exercises for long drives.

I�m a firm believer in working the �total package� in regards to exercising all the major golf muscles in your body. Every golfer is different, and has unique needs (limitations) that should be addressed.

The major muscles involved with long drive golf exercises are the core muscles (first-and-foremost), the hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles.

The secondary (support) muscles for incorporating long drive golf exercises are the shoulder rotators, forearms (wrists), upper back (lats), and the hip girdle. These muscles are �icing-on-the-cake� muscles in regards to hitting power golf drives every time you step on the tee box.

This is not rocket-science, but you do need to make sure you are doing the correct exercises that will give you the biggest return on your investment.

I hope you have a better, initial understanding of long drive golf exercises.

Finding Cheaper Golf Accessories

Golf is rarely a cheap sport. Buying membership to a course will put quite a large dent in your pocket, and will probably even have to be renewed some time in the future. The golf clubs themselves can cost a small fortune. However, nobody ever said that the accessories had to be expensive. It is possible to get all of the golf accessories that you could ever need for very cheap, or even for free if you get lucky. Read on to find out about where to look for the cheapest golf accessories, and how you can make sure that you never overpay again for something that you can buy for cheaper elsewhere.

Auctions, especially estate auctions, are great places to go for golf equipment. You will be able to get a detailed description of the item before bidding begins, and possibly see it with your own eyes and test it out for a bit. Once the auction starts you will be faced with some competition almost certainly if the item is desirable (other people know to look at auctions too! This information is not exclusive). Be prepared to pay what it is worth, whether this is below the suggested retail price or not. If you win the item and you ended up paying less than you would have at the store, then be proud of yourself � auctions can be challenging places for many people.

Real world auctions aren�t the only ones that offer cheap items. EBay, the world�s most popular auction site, has a number of golf accessories that would be hard to find otherwise. If you are an experienced eBay bidder then you already know how the whole system works. You punch in your highest bid, and simply wait to see if anybody else is going to bid higher. If someone outbids you then you may find out that your highest bid wasn�t actually your highest bid, and you�ll increase it just to try for a second chance at the item. This is how the bidding wars start. It can be tempting to keep bidding higher and higher, until the final cost after shipping would be higher than retail. Never let this happen. If it gets close, just quit and go buy the item in the store.

Yard sales are another good place to look for people�s old golf equipment that they no longer want. Yard sales often offer the cheapest prices you could ask for, and most of the time the person setting the prices has no idea about the worth of the item (which can work for you or against you). If you watch the newspapers for yard sale times, you will start to notice patterns in the time as well as the geographical location. Just establish a route that you can follow every week to look for yard sales and possibly find what golf accessories.

Golf accessories are hard to find for cheap, but they are anything but impossible to find. You can simply establish a routine that you will follow every week or so. Check all of the online stores, all of the yard sales, and any other venues that you may have in mind. This way, when someone decides to sell their golf accessories you will be the first one to be there to buy them.

Here’s To Better Golf Exercise

There is a lot of golf equipment to help you in your exercise program. You’ve got weights, rubber tubing, and so on.

But what exactly is “proper” golf equipment, designed specifically for exercise? This is the question that almost every new golfer has. We all know that exercise is good for you. It keeps you in shape to face life’s daily challenges. And with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we all could do with some stamina and endurance.

Golf is no exception. That golf game may look slow. In reality however, it can take its toll on someone who isn’t prepared to face up to the challenge. Mental preparation helps you think faster. This is likewise important since you have to do a lot of calculation and strategising at each hole. It’s basically trying to figure out how to make as few stops as possible on the way to the hole � some 300 or so yards away.

Physical preparation on the other hand, helps one avoid injury during those “back breaking swings”. This can actually become a reality if you’re not prepared. Getting enough exercise can likewise give you better game results. And this is something every golfer wants.

Here is a word of advice when choosing proper golf equipment � choose what suits you best. And exercise golf equipment likewise follows this “rule”. Why? Quite simple really: it should be able to bring out the best in your game. Here are some examples:

Take the hand weights or “dumbells” for instance. They may look simple. They are lightweight – 5 to 8 pounds of metal. But looks can be deceiving. These seemingly simple pieces of golf equipment can actually do a lot for your golf game. They can actually aid you with up to 12 golf specific exercise routines. And these are for various core regions. Fantastic!

Rubber tubing can likewise aid you with so many types of golf related physical exercises. From the simple to the complex. What’s more, just like those dumbbells, they are inexpensive, lightweight, and portable. You can practically take your “exercise program” with you � literally.

Then there are the balls. These are the weighted medicine balls and stability balls. For those who aren’t sure of their differences, the medicine balls are pretty much your tennis ball sized round objects. They are a bit heavier though. These are fantastic for developing those forearm muscles. The stability ball on the other hand, is that beach ball-like round thing used to develop stability, balance and overall fitness. And just like other exercise golf equipment, they can be taken anywhere and used anytime.

So know what type of exercise golf equipment your body needs. Doing so will definitely help you get that near-perfect game.